Hi, I’m Aisling a senior product designer based in Ireland

I get great products launched. Working with teams to build a shared understanding of what value means to the business and customer. Designing solutions that balance the two. Creating structures that enable teams, and so products, to thrive.

Get in touch for case studies.

I can help you:


Build the right thing

I ask the right questions to find products that balance business and user goals.

Focus your energy & resources to maximise value.


Build the thing right

I design elegant but practical products where cost does not surpass value for the business.

Launch early with just enough to validate your hypothesis.


Continually improve

I design in a modular & systematic way, making it effortless to continue to iterate.

Build on your learnings and keep getting better.

Google & SamKnows RBS & Guinness PWC & Vodafone